Northern Microclimate Publications

  Snow, Ice & Envelope Performance: Design Considerations to Avoid Dangerous Falling Ice! - March 2015, Pushing the Envelope Canada - A publication of the Ontario Building Envelope Council.

by: Michael Carter & Roman Stangl

  CTBUH Journal Debating Tall Focuses on Falling Ice with Northern Microclimate - June 2014, Issue II.

by: Michael Carter & Roman Stangl

  Increasing Problems of Falling Ice and Snow on Modern Tall Buildings - December 2012, Issue IV page 24.

by: Michael Carter & Roman Stangl


  Beware of Falling Ice and Snow - A Winter Perspective on Building Design - Construction Canada Magazine - January 2012

Feature Article

by: Michael Carter & Roman Stangl



  Northern Microclimate presents Research Paper at Snow Engineering 7 in Fukui, Japan - June 2012

Roman Stangl presents on behalf of Northern Microclimate Inc.



  Northern Microclimate authors a Resource Page for the - June 2012

Northern Microclimate was asked to develop a resource web page titled: Considerations for Building Design in Cold Climtes for the National Institutes of Building Sciences' - Whole Building Design Guide, as a web resource for architects and building designers.


  White Paper: Risks Associated with Sustainable Buildings in Cold Climates - November 2011